MedSpacy Model in Redfield Spacy Node

Can anyone guide me how to load the MedSpacy model in Spacy Model selector node ? I searched the web and didn’t have any luck.

Hi @Bhaskar and welcome to the forum.

Let me tag @Redfield and @Artem to see if they can assist.

Hello @Bhaskar

Spacy nodes only have the official models form Spacy repository available in the model list. However you can switch to “Local model” mode and provide a path to external model. I do not exactly know what model you would like to use, but I believe you can download similar here:

I also prepared a demo workflow that will be helpful for you to start working with Spacy in Knime using external models. Please pay attention that when you are providing the path to the model it should lead to the folder with config.cfg file.


Hi Artem,

The methodology worked, but I will need a stronger biomedical model for better results!

Good to know. Can you please then mark this issue as resolved?

In case you find such model, I am curious to test it out as well. Please share your findings on the forum or Knime Hub.

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