Memory to knime server ?? and logs for jobs !!

i am using knime server on AWS BYOL
ubuntu 18.04
16gb RAM

where should i assign memory ?
and how much to knime server and knime tool ??

i have location and file - where memory size is mentioned !!

1 ) : /opt/knime/knime-3.7.2/knime,ini

2): /opt/knime/knime-srv-4.8.2/install-data/linux-runlevel-templates/sysvinit/Ubuntu/etc/default/knime server

  1. : /srv/knime_server/config/ two file - knime n knime-server

as i am having logs in -

  1. /opt/knime/knime-3.7.2/configuration/ - what are these logs ?

2 ) /srv/knime_server/runtime/runtime_knime-rmi-50101/.metadata/knime/knime.log ??

Hi @navinjadhav,

You can set the amount of memory allocated to the server executor in /opt/knime/knime-3.7.2/knime.ini, using the -Xmx parameter. Based on your configuration, you might assign 10 GB to the executor (leaving some memory for the application server and OS-level processes).

In addition to the log files you mentioned, you can just download all log files from the WebPortal, see here:

Also see here for more information on the log files:


Hi Navin,

Just to add. The BYOL image sets sensible default values for TomEE and executor memory usage. There is a script which will set the memory in the knime.ini on startup (depending on the instance size that is launched).



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