Memory usage - Excel Cell Updater \Read Sheet Names Nodes

Hello everyone,
I want to describe some issue I encountered,
I tried to write to an exist Excel file, using the node Excel Cell Updater,
the size of the file is 74 MB, pretty big file with more than 20 sheets,
Excel Reader Node can read it on something like a 10 sec using 1.5g of heap size,
but when I try to write\update some cells in the file(11k cells) within a sheet with 17k rows and 80 columns, KNIME crushes with ‘java heap size error’ , so I increased the heap size and noticed that to write to this file I need to use more than 25g

*Similar issue when using Read Sheet Names Node

I would like to hear solution to the issue or other options that will decrease heap size usage


@asdsad not sure about the specific new excel cell updated node but these two entries might get you ideas how to increase performance. This might also help with the Excel nodes.

The other option you could explore would be to use python and openpyxl to do more complex manipulations on Excel files.


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