Merge data into database field of existing table


With the current databse nodes is it possible to merge data into a database field of an existing table?

So in the table below, is it possible to fill B2 with a value based on the unique ID?


1 5 10
2 10  



you can use the "Database Update" node to update values in the database for a particular id. So in your case for example you would use the following configuration in the Database Update node:

Set the table name to the name of the database table you want to update. Move column B to the Include columns of the "Select Set Columns" option and move the ID column to the Include columns of the "!Select WHERE Columns" option. This will then update all the value of the B column in your database in all rows with the corresponding ID. Please notice that the name of the KNIME table columns e.g. ID and B need to match the name of the columns in the database table.



Many thanks, will try this!