Merger node for Labelings


I have a series of labelings arranged as columns in a table where each labeling is a single time-point from a time-series. I would like to merge these labelings into a single entry. This is exactly what the "Merger" node does for images but it dosnt seem to take labelings as an input? Is there a simple way to do this?

I tried converting to images first ("labelling to image" node) but I lose correspondence between the labeling value and the image value which I need to preserve as this is a tracking result.

Thank you


Hi Jeremy,
I am sorry for the delayed answer, sadly currently there is no node to do this in KNIME.
We are working on changing this, including offering you a temporary workaround in the near future.


Ok, thanks for the reponse. Please let me know if you get a workaround working.




I just encountered the same problem. I need my time resolved labelings in one entry to calculate image segment features from that entry and feed those into the trackmate tracker node.
Any news on this?