Messy layouts: Layers in Layout


I just wanted to emphasize and support an idea by @supersharp (from here) which I think is wonderful: layers in the layout.

Whenever layouts are getting messy and you loose the overview of productive nodes, check nodes and testing nodes, layers could be of a lot of help.

As many visual tools (Adobe, CAD, GIS, etc.) have the concept of layers, they could be implemented in KNIME as well. For further info to the concept of layers:

Why would that be a benefit to KNIME:

  • Productive nodes could be positioned on a „main layer“ – always visible.
  • Check nodes or workflows on a layer „test / QM“ etc. They could be made visible, when they are needed. However, when you don’t need them: turn off the layer and they are not visible anymore. And so don’t fill your layout anymore.
  • Same for other parts of the workflow: Data engineering, reporting etc.

Even messy connectors could be sent to those layers.

This way, you could tidy up your layouts and get some overview back.

Any upvotes? :wink: