Metabolite Spectral Matcher node keeps failing.

I am trying to follow a workflow for the identification using spectral matching. I first input my MS data in mzML format, which then connects to the MetaboliteSpectralMatcher. I have already added the MetaboliteSpectralDB.mzML to the "CHEMISTRY"  folder. However doing so generates the  following error:


Failing process stdout: [Progress of 'loading spectra list':, ,   5.59 %               ,   40.86 %               ,   75.44 %               , -- done [took 1.51 s (CPU), 3.07 s (Wall)] -- , MetaboliteSpectralMatcher took 3.82 s (wall), 1.86 s (CPU), 0.00 s (system), 1.86 s (user)., The given file does not contain any conventional peak data, but might contain chromatograms. This tool currently cannot handle them, sorry.]

ERROR MetaboliteSpectralMatcher 0:380      Failing process stderr: []

ERROR MetaboliteSpectralMatcher 0:380      Execute failed: Failed to execute node MetaboliteSpectralMatcher

Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!