Metanode and Wrapped metanode configuration ports not working

Unable to add or remove ports from my metanodes and wrapped metanodes. If I wrap the middle of a flow, the port will be created, but I cannot manipulate them or add new one.

Version 3.6.1

Anyone having this issue as well? Not sure how to trouble shoot it

You can add or remove ports from metanodes and wrapped metanodes via their configuration dialog:

  • For Wrapped Metanodes rightclick -> Wrapped Metanode -> Setup
  • For Metanodes rightclick -> Metanode -> Reconfigure

Please note that you can only remove ports if they are not connected anymore, neither inside nor outside the (Wrapped) Metanode.

Hi Marten,

Thanks for the response.

I understand the functionality you described, and have used it many times before. The recent issue I’m seeing is that KNIME will not allow me to use this functionality.

The buttons click but do not work. For example, I open the reconfigure Metanode Wizard to add a data port to my metanode, click the add button, but nothing happens.

I can reproduce this. A scenario is as follows:

Create a workflow, add Create Empty Table, Column Filter nodes, connect to each other. Wrap the Column Filter to a Wrapped Metanode. Right-click the metanode created. Click Wrapped Metanode and then Setup menu item. This displays Wrapped Metanode Setup Wizard dialogue. None of the add buttons in In Ports or Out Ports section do anything. The only thing I can do is to delete ports under the condition the port is not connected to anything as @Marten_Pfannenschmidt wrote.

Hi there!

@jan_lender Just tried it out with 3.7.2 version and couldn’t reproduce it. Which version are you using (or were using)?

Additionally if you can send us workflow example that would be great.


Hi Ivan,

according to my personal notes, I upgraded my KNIME Analytics Platform from 3.6.0 to 3.7.1 on 8th April 2019 so I must have reproduced the issue using 3.6.0.

I followed the scenario from my post 18th Mar 2019 on my 3.7.1 version of KNIME Analytics Platform a few minutes ago and neither I did reproduce it. I can add input and output ports of data or flow variable type using the Wrapped Metanode Setup Wizard to an existing Wrapped Metanode.

Well, we can consider it fixed in 3.7.1.


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Hi Jan,

Glad to hear that!

Tnx for your engagement and valuable feedback :wink:


Hi there,
I’m experiencing the same problem using version 3.7.1. Nevertheless it happens only sometimes. I cannot establish when the it happens and when not.

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Hi Gio,

does it happen often or rarely?

This is a bit hard to troubleshot as it happens occasionally so if you come to any new information regarding this behavior came back to the topic please.


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