Metanode, how to create and use it

I did few steps data cleansing transformation on 1 table, I don’t want to repeat this on 2nd table is there automation there that I can apply all the step on second table how to make metanode.

I’m not fully sure I understand your question. Maybe you could provide some additional context?

Assuming you actually do want to compartmentalize nodes, you could collapse the part of the workflow you want to use over and over into a component. (You could use a metanode too, but components are designed to be shared.)

In short, you just need to select the nodes you’ll be reusing, and then right click to collapse them into a component. Much more detail is available in our documentation here:

If that’s not what you’re looking for, some detail about what you’ve tried already, what your data looks like, and your desired output would be helpful.


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