Microsoft authentication node token expiry

Hi, wondering if anyone knows when the token expires for the Microsoft Authentication when using interactive authentication.

I’d like to have a solution where I don’t need to manually go and log in regularly but I’m not sure how to achieve that. In the interim I just need to know how long they last so I can set reminders for exactly when to re-login.

I need to use interactive login because the account I’m using atm has MFA and I’m feeding the ‘Send to PowerBI’ nodes which require Oauth2 and so can’t use shared key authentication.

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Hi @Anon and welcome to the Knime Community.

Knime does not expire anything. That expiry is on Microsoft side, so you have to check with them. It could also be that this expiry is customizable, and your company might set its own rule for the expiry if they want to be very or less sensitive about it. So Knime can’t really answer that.

Regarding Oauth2, you should be able to implement Oauth2 authentication via Knime so that all of this is fully automated.


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