Microsoft Authentication within KNIME Server


I am trying to set up my workflows on the KNIME Server and some of them connect to sharepoint. In order to connect to sharepoint in KNIME currently it uses a “Microsoft Authentication” and then connects to the sharepoint, however the KNIME Server doesn’t do this.

Is there anyway around this issue?

many thanks,

Hi Thomas,

For the Microsoft Authentication, do you use a username and password or interactive authentication? In the case of username and password, you can use the credentials configuration node and pass the credentials on. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the interactive authentication on the server.

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Yeah so the company that i work for, we are logged into our accounts. I know that when manually interacting with KNIME you can click “sign in” on the Microsoft authenticator, i was wondering if there was a way to do this through the Server.

I also know you can keep it signed in via a token, do you know how long the tokens last?

thank you

Hi Thomas, yes if you mean this login button in the screenshot, this is unfortunately currently not possible on the server.

There is a ticket to add this feature, but at the moment you would have to use username and password as your authentication method. We’re aware this is restricted in some companies, which is why we are planning on adding this functionality.

The duration for which your token lasts might actually be dependent on your Azure AD setup, so you would have to check what is set there.


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