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Hi Knimers,
I have a question regarding the Microsoft Authenticator node, currently our organization has restricted connection and when logging we receive the message indicating that just and admin can log in as KNIME is not authenticated.

I recently met with security team which let me know that, if we can limit the users to access just one specific sharepoint instead of a full connection, lets say https: //, then they will be willing to provide the blessing to move forward.

Do you know if this can be done somehow? thanks in advance!!!

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Not an expert on this field but maybe sharing my experience can help:
In my last job I used Microsoft Authenticator to connect to SharePoint. From memory the auth part happens for sharepoint in general, however once you are authenticated the access rights of the account you authenticated with are taken into consideration.

Let’s say you have read/write access to site xyz with your account, then you can read/write from site xyz after logging in via KNIME. If you don’t have access to site abc on sharepoint, then you won’t be able to access it from KNIME.

So it’s not that after logging in from KNIME you have “all access”, but the roles associated with your account you are using to authenticate are considered.

Thanks for your response, it makes total sense, by any chance, do you happen to have some tech details, WebSite Link or similar that I can use as support for our technical team to have it in consideration?

The best I could find was this:

Other than that, unless a KNIME Team Member looks into this thread: