Microsoft Forms Connector

Hi, I would like to establish a direct connection to an Excel file residing in MS Forms. Can a KNIME connector be created for this task, similar to what already exists for Sharepoint Online?

I assume the excel base where the form saves the data is on sharepoint or onedrive so you should be able to connect. Maybe I am missing something

I understand that it is possible since it is part of the Microsoft suite, but I do not understand the implementation itself. I tried using the Sharepoint online node in KNIME and I got this error:

How do you know that the underlying framework is Sharepoint or Onedrive? I agree that the login process is the same since they are all Microsoft products… but as shown in my above message, I have not been able to use my previous SP Online connector interoperably with MS Forms.

The Form itself is only a webinterface, but the responses are saved as an excel file on sharepoint/one drive (not sure which one right now but if you open it via your browser you should see the response excel file. I think there is also a link somewhere in the “edit form” interface.
The error states that your hostname is not correct. You could check that.

I have tried a couple different inputs to the image here, including the following:
Microsoft Forms - Easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls.?
Microsoft Forms - Easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls.
Page not found
Page not found

With Sharepoint link, I am able to connect just fine after fooling around with various URL combinations but nothing I have tried in MS Forms has worked.

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