Microsoft SQL connector works in server but not in local

Hi KNIME Team,

Could you help me to find the reason why the MSSQL connection works in server deployed workflow but not locally in same server machine?

The same workflow works on server but not when I execute those nodes locally using the server executor… any ideas why?
Below the node configuration and the error from the local execution:

ERROR DB Connector 0:743:0:635 Execute failed: Kerberos Login failed: Integrated authentication failed. ClientConnectionId:75527da8-a0b0-4a8e-83a0-f6f637379858 due to (Cannot get any of properties: [user, USER] from con properties not available to garner authentication information from the user)

Hi MarcEM,

If I understand correctly you run this workflow on the KNIME server and it works. When you run the workflow using KNIME AP on the same machine as the Server it does not.

Have you configured the Kerberos authentication on the KNIME Analytics Platform?


Yes, I did that and I’m logged in:

Hi @MarcEM

It looks like you are using Microsoft Integrated Authentication. Have you seen this thread? connect to ms sql server by windows authentication - #2 by tobias.koetter


Hi Wali,

I think it is internal issue with my account as now I see I cannot access normally even with MSSMS.

Will try to clarify and update the post then.


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