Microsoft SQL Server Connector - connection from another domain

Hello community, I am trying to configure the Microsoft SQL Server Connector node in order to connect to the SQL Server which is not in the same domain as machine on which KNIME Analytics platform runs.
“Allow remote connections” and TCP/IP are enabled on the server side.
I have chosen jTDS driver. However the Authentication option described in the guide (KNIME Database Extension Guide) is not completly clear to me.
In my case the KNIME Analytics platform is running on the Windows machine, however not in the same domain as SQL Server.
According to the guide in case KNIME Analytics Platform runs on the non-windows machine, the Username & password option (refers to the Windows domain user (not SQL Server user)) needs to be specified together with domain parameter in JDBC parameters.
Does this apply also in the case of windows machine not in the same domain as SQL server?
If not, how should the node be configured? Am I missing something on the server side?
Currently I am getting “Login timed out” error.
Thanks for your help!

Hi @volsebna , you need to specify the following entry in the JDBC Parameters tab: domain with <<Windows domain name>> as value:

Click on the Add button, it will allow you to add this entry.

Of course, you need to provide your credentials too in the Connection Settings.

This will connect to the domain you specified

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@bruno29a I have added the domain parameter and its value (SQL Server domain) in the JDBC parameters. Still the error is login timed out. Are other parameters necessary (e.g. timeout)?

Hi @volsebna , I’m not totally sure how, perhaps the timeout can be configured in the Advanced settings, but the default timeout should be enough. It should not take that long to connect.

Are you sure you are able to reach the domain from where your Knime is running? Can you try to connect to your mssql server from the same machine where your Knime is running? Perhaps you need to connect to a VPN first?

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