Microsoft SQL Server Connector- Error 5:53 Execute failes: Login failed for user " "

Hey there,

I created a local SQLExpress db on my computer so that I didn’t have to write the outputs of my pipeline to excel files and could write them to db tables instead for further analysis using other tools.

The SQLExpress db I created is hosted locally - localhost\SQLEXPRESS;Knime_Analytics . It is configured to accept windows as well as SQL Server auth. I have allowed remote connections. A login user “knime” has been created with a password that does not need to be changed after first login nor does it expire. Login is enabled and has been granted dbowner permissions for the specific database that KNIME will write to, i.e. user mapping. In windows firewall, inbound connections via TCP1433 is allowed. SQL “server” was restarted.

However I continue to get the error against the username. I’m using Microsoft SQL Server Connector as follows -

But when I execute the node, I still get the error. Any insights or help would be appreciated. Thank you :pray:

P.S. I can hit the db via SSMS as well as using Get Data in Excel and PowerBI without any issues, which leads me to believe problem lies with KNIME.

Look if this is helpful


@pborah welcome to the KNIME forum. Have you considered using a local SQL standalone database like SQLite or H2?

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Thank you. Based on your suggestion, the following worked -


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