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Dear all,
please, could you provide more details on the options present in the “Advanced” tab of the node Microsoft SQL Server Connector ?
I had a look at the Microsoft documentation but it is not easy for me to understand the functionality of the “Advanced” tab.
Ideally an update of the node description would be much appreciated


Hi @iiiaaa,

thanks for pointing this out. The documentation in, in particular this section, will be updated with the relevant information.

A pro-tip: the description of parameters shows up in a tooltip, when you point on the parameter value field. For the time being, here is a dump of the description for the relevant parameters:

Validation query: The query to be executed for validating that a connection is ready for use. Only errors are checked, no result is required.
JDBC logger: Enables or disables logger for JDBC operations.
JDBC statement cancellation: Enables or disables JDBC statement cancellation attempts when node execution is canceled.
Node cancellation polling interval: The amount of milliseconds to wait between two checking of whether the node execution has been canceled.Valid range:</strong> [100, 5000]
Retrieve in configure: Enables or disables retrieving metadata in configure method for database nodes.
Retrieve in configure timeout: Time interval in seconds to wait before canceling a metadata retrieval in configure method. Valid range:[1, )
Delimit only identifier with spaces: If selected only identifiers e.g. columns or table names with spaces are delimited.
Fetch size: Hint for the JDBC driver about the number of rows that should be fetched from the database when more rows are needed Valid range:[0,)
Identifier delimiter (opening): Opening delimiter for identifier such as column and table name
Identifier delimiter (closing): Closing delimiter for identifier such as column and table name

Let us know in case of further questions.
Have a nice weekend,


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