Microsoft SQL Server driver bug in 4.6.0

Just encountered an apparent bug today after upgrading to 4.6.0. The default MS SQL Server Driver won’t show up anymore in the MS SQL Server Connector node, see screenshot. Trying to install the driver did not fix the issue. I replicated the issue on 2 different machines, upgrading from both 4.5.1 and 4.5.2. The same issue seems to appear for other database connectors, but I haven’t checked all of them thoroughly.

My only solution was a rollback to 4.5.2.

Hello @alinkdaniel

You are not the only one: MYSQL Drivers Un-Installed

It seems @tobias.koetter is looking for some logfiles to help identify the issue :wink:

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On my side no issues with SQL Server and MySQL Connectors. At the same time,

  • AP-17703: Provide Oracle Database driver version 19.14.0 as new feature for installation
    Oracle driver did not appear in Oracle Connector. I assume it does not need installation anymore.

Thanks for the link. The solution seems to be to close AP and start up again, instead of restarting after install.


Hello everyone,
@alinkdaniel is right. Unfortunately the automatic restart of the KNIME Analytics Platform after upgrading does not pick up some settings from the knime.ini file which causes the problem that the DB drivers are not loaded. To solve this problem close KNIME Analytics Platform and start it again.
Sorry about the trouble.


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