Microsoft365R / clean_token_directory() function stucks R script progress in 30%

Hello, I need some help from R users.
I may be missing something in the config, but i cannot run this piece of script from KNIME… it is coded with two approaches but the result is the same.

20210707_Microsoft365R.knwf (7.0 KB)

It works properly in R Studio. What it is expected is a prompt with the following question


but when executing it from KNIME, the node progress bar just stucks in 30%


Thank you in advance for the help

Microsoft365R 2.2.1
install.packages(“Microsoft365R”) ‘is needed’
KNIME 4.3.1

In case the 30% is exactly the point where the pop.up.would show up then the problem is that the node / knime does not show you the popup and the script is waiting for your input. Is there an alternative call to the one you’re using where you can just say yes and the popup does not appear? If so use that one. Maybe you have to look into what this r function is doing and bypass the prompt yourself.



I will research this way you mention and I’ll let you know the result.
Thank you

Hi @Mark_Ortmann

You were just right. There is an argument to these family functions, that makes it to don’t requiere further confirmation. Then KNIME nodes can execute it smooth

The coding is as simple as:

AzureAuth::clean_token_directory(confirm = FALSE)
# Default confirm == TRUE

Thank you again


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