Migrate/upgrade from on-prem server to cloud server


I would like to confirm if my understanding is correct. If I would move from an on-prem KNIME Server to an AWS/Azure cloud Server, to migrate the workflows I would have to connect to both server using KNIME Analytics Platform, download the on-prem workflows, and then upload them to the new cloud server.
I would have to configure permissions and schedules manually. Is there an easier way to automatically apply the schedules at least?


Hi @Willem,

if you have access to the filesystem, you should be able to port all workflows and schedules together.
To do so, you will need to migrate two things:

  • Workflows and Schedules. These are stored in the server workflow_repository/workflows folder, e.g. /opt/knime/knime-server-<version>/workflow_repository/workflows or C:\knime-server\...
  • Secret key. This is a key used to decrypt existing schedules. You will find it in <knime-server>/apache-tomcat-<version>/conf/Catalina/localhost/knime.xml as secretKey="some-secret-key".

Please be sure to do these changes when all KNIME services are shut down and keep a backup.
Note that the owners of the workflows will not change, so that the users on your new instance will need to be the same users.

Should you run into any issues, please feel free to contact support@knime.com, ideally already include software versions in use and log files (<knime-server>/apache-tomcat-<version>/logs).

Kind regards


One side note: on the new filesystem, be sure that the files have the correct owner and permissions, so that the user running KNIME Server can access them.

chown and chmod are the linux commands to change ownership and access rights, e.g. chown -R knime:knime ./workflows and chmod -R 750 ./workflows

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