migrating a sas stp into knime

I am new to knime and I have difficulty in creating the user defined prompts.

SAS STP pulls the data from a table based on the values selected in prompts. It exports the data into a csv file and the csv file gets downloaded into a local user machine.

I planned to create an interactive report in Knime, but the filter not showing when executing it from the web portal.

Can you help me with it?


@AnjiReddy you can create dashboards with KNIME components

And also provide results for the user to download. Maybe you can tell us more about what it is you want to do. It might be easier to just use knime for some tasks.

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I tried to use your workflow as is in our environment to check if the filters appear on web portal so I could follow the same approach, but the filters not appear on web portal from your workflow either.

I executed it on chrome, edge, and opera browsers but not positive.

@AnjiReddy can you elaborate what you mean with web portal. Is this the KNIME business hub?

You can use components with right click and show view on the KNIME desktop version. On a business hub they can be accessed by users via web interface without the use of knime and the nodes will not be visible, just the functions you put in the component and the magic of knime will work in the background.


yes, the interactive filters working when I packaged the nodes as a component

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