Migrating schedule jobs

Hi together,

When moving or copying a workflow and if there is a schedule job attached to it, the job is not migrated.
I would have to always reinitiate another job.
Is there any possibility to move a respective job as well?


This is working for me on the latest release.

Which Server and executor version are you using? Do you see any error messages? Which permissions do you have on both folders?

Hi @Iris,

We are using Analytics Platform 4.6.3. and the corresponding Server Version (not sure though which that is).
Maybe there is a “user error” on my side? How would, I copy a workflow including its jobs? Just by copying it? Or do I really have to move it?

When I copy and paste a WF, the jobs are not there. Trying to copy the job and attach it to the copied worfklow, I get the error:
“Can only copy workflows, workflow groups, or files.”

Copy does not copy the schedule. This seems to be that you do not multiply your schedule.

But moving Workflows also moves the schedule. I did this by drag and drop to the new location.

Hi @Iris,

It actually does work with the newest version!
Thanks for the support!


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