Migrating workflows between different systems (updating paths)

Hey everyone,


I have a generel question in developing knime workflows on different computers and operating systems.


I am mainly using the knime labs textprocessing module with different input nodes like document parser etc. and developing my workflows on different systems. Currently, I am running into the problem of editing the paths in the ios modules everytime I am changing the system.


I have searched for solutions including relative paths, environment vars or workspace vars but could not find a specification of using them in the faqs etc. Personally, I would prefer environment vars but I would go with any solution. 


Does anyone know how to solve this issue?




If your input files are part of the workflow (i.e. inside the workflow folder), you can try to use the following syntax: knime://knime.workflow/yourDataFile.dat. I'm not sure if all textprocessing nodes already support this. If not, then please tell us and we can fix it. You can also address files relative to your workspace root with knime://knime.mountpoint/yourDataFile.dat.

Ok, thank you! That helped for most of the nodes.


But, it seems that the textprocessing nodes do not support the syntax including each IO node, stop word filter and dict replacer (I haven't tried all of them).




I see. I have forwared the request to the textprocessing maintainer.