mileage calculation

Good morning people, everything fine ?

I need to calculate mileage, I have latitude and longitude and address information.

Origin: Lat -19.4582874 Long -44.2395946
Destiny: Lat -21.30936992 Long -47.73005598

This results in the mileage of 321KM.

An important point, if possible, would be that it brings the time very similar to that of Google, like the photo attached.

Hey @Gabriel2020 , thanks for your post

IMO, for your use case, you can use the Geospatial Analytics Extension for KNIME

Also, in this Collection :file_cabinet: in the Community Hub, you can find a ready-to-go guide for beginners to use the nodes of the Geospatial extension with workflow examples.

Apart from those resources, this workflow :knime: :link: :point_left:t2: shows you different methods to calculate the driving distances between two points; it is worth looking at it.

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