I have miniconda3 version 23.3.1 in one of my computers with Knime version 4.7.1 and it works just fine when needed. However, in another computer I have that very same version of miniconda3, but with Knime version 4.7.3 and I get the following error messages:

Is this error due to the newer version of Knime? If so, where can I download miniconda3 version 23.5.0?

Hi @joseidom,

The version installed should work fine with KNIME. The warning message that you highlighted is just a reminder by the “conda” application that there is a new version available and that you should update it to get the latest security- and bug fixes. However, this is not the reason for the failure of the “Conda Environment Propagation” node. There should also be an “ERROR” in the log showing the real issue.


No real issue, as far as I can see. And following the suggestion to update is impossible, as the latest version I can find is 23.3.1 according to this repository:

I see. Yes, the real error message is not very useful either. However, this is the output of the conda executable so we cannot get more information on why the environment creation failed inside KNIME AP.

Can you create environments with conda when you use it from the command line?
Problems with conda are often related to resolving the environment. To debug these I personally prefer to set the “libmamba” solver as the default solver because it is faster and gives better error messages.

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