Minor annoyance: drag-to-select/zoom direction in plot window

Dear Knimers,

when I want to select-by-mouse-drag a few nodes on the workflow canvas, I can do that in every possible direction:

  • top-left to bottom-right
  • top-right to bottom-left
  • bottom-left to top-right
  • bottom-right to top-left

However, when I want to select-by-drag a few points in a Scatter plot or zoom into a specific region, the only option is

  • top-left to bottom-right

Dragging in any other direction has no effect. Inconsistent and needlessly limiting, I think.

Interestingly, both the “Scatter Plot” and the “Scatter Plot (JFreeChart)” nodes have this problem, but not the “Scatter Plot (Plotly)” and the ancient “Scatter Plot (local)” nodes.


p.s. by the way, does the “Lasso selection” in the Scatter Plot even work…?

Hi Aswin,

thanks for your feedback. I (and our developers) agree, that there is some work left to be done with our plots. I will pass this on for consideration in upcoming development :slight_smile:

Kind regards


(for internal reference: AP-17105)