Minor annoyances

Dear Knimers,

I would like to mention two minor annoyances that I have with Knime…

  1. I usually take care that my nodes are nicely aligned with the workflow editor grid. When I select a few nodes and transform those nodes into a metanode, the nodes are no longer aligned to the grid. So the first thing I need to do after creating the metanode is shift all the nodes so that they align with the grid again.

  2. Sometimes I start Knime by error, and I want to quickly quit Knime again. When Knime finishes loading and shows the welcome screen, I click the “close” button. However, upon clicking this button it first starts loading a workflow and only quits after it finishes doing this. When the workflow is big this can take quite some time.



I definitely agree with your second annoyance.

Here are a couple of mine:

  1. When pivoting, if I forget to change the names of the columns, I have to rerun the entire pivoting node. (This can take a long time for large data sets)

  2. I wish the Excel Reader would detect column headers automatically like the File Reader node. I mostly work with csv files, but occasionally pull in an Excel file into KNIME. There have been too many times I’ve had to reconfigure the Excel Reader node simply because I’ve forgotten to check the header box.


I don’t fully understand your first point. Are you unhappy with the default selection?


HI Mark,
I’m not unhappy with the default selection. It just annoying that the entire table has to recalculate if the only thing that was changed (column names) doesn’t require calculation.

Hi @Aswin, @Snowy,

Thanks for bringing this up! We have created internal tickets for the points you raised. We’ll keep you updated in this post when there is progress.




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