Mirroring the KNIME Extension Sites in JFrog Artifactory


My team is new to using KNIME, and we are using it under the condition of not having any external connections available to download extensions. We normally mirror all open source repositories on JFrog Artifactory, but IT is unfamiliar with KNIME. Does anyone have experience setting up such a mirrored repository for KNIME extensions?

Some questions I’m getting:

  • Where are they located? (We provided this)
  • What types of files are they? (Didn’t know the answer since our firewall blocks all of these sites).

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Michael,

I’m not too familiar with JFrog Artifactory, but you should be able to download our update sites (see KNIME Analytics Platform Installation Guide [version 4.4] or KNIME Analytics Platform Installation Guide [version 4.3]).
These can then be extracted onto any webpage and used as an update site.
Alternatively, you can directly mirror our update sites using knime (or eclipse) like so:

knime -nosplash -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository.mirrorApplication
-source https://update.knime.com/analytics-platform/4.4
-destination file:/some/example/destination/folder

See also Equinox p2 Repository Mirroring - Eclipsepedia

The update sites contain the plugin .jar files (including some wrapped xml files) and a few binary files.

Kind regards


For anyone else ending up here; you might want to check out this thread here:


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