Missing Append option in Excel Writer's sheet options

Hi there, hope someone can help me with the following.

I am using a loop to create some output that I want to write to an excel file.
However the Excel Writer node doesn’t give me the option to select Append in the sheet part:

I have used this node before in the same way (LOOP → Write to Excel) but I cant figure out why it isnt working this time.

The loop part of my KNIME flow looks like this:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does it append the data to the bottom of the sheet if you select Overwrite on Sheet? It looks like you already selected append above. That should be for the data. You can’t really append a sheet.

Hello @Rehtse,

append option for sheet(s) is added with KNIME version 4.5. Which one are you using? Might be that you are using an older one and previously or on other machine you had a v4.5 or newer.

Additionally I have a comment regarding your design. If you want to collect data from every iteration then you need to connect Excel Reader to loop end.



Thanks! It turns out that I was using KNIME 4.1. Not able to update to the latest version unfortunately, but I managed to get it working on an other device.

Just out of curiousity (and only if anyone feels happy to spend time on this :slight_smile: ): how would people solve this in the past?

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Hello @Rehtse,

you are welcome. Before append option think workaround was to read data from Excel into KNIME where you needed to concatenate that Excel data with other (new) data and then write it back to Excel.

But why couldn’t you update your KNIME version? Corporate policy? If so ok but in general you don’t have to update to newest version. Just keep your software a bit more up to date :slight_smile: I would say when in comes to KNIME 1-2 years behind is just fine :slight_smile:


In the past and in your version probably as well there was a seperate node for it called Excel Sheet Appender

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