Missing domain information in Random Forest Learner


We have a problem with the Random Forest Learner node. We get the following error message: 4 columns were irgnored due to missing domain information – change the node configuration or use a Domain Calculator node to fix it.

Can someone help us to fix the error?
How do you set the domain calculator?

Best regards

Hello @azderonja

Actually you already have a hint what to do - use Domain Calculator node. I think it is better to put it just before you make a split for training and test data.

There are 2 tabs in the settings where you can select which column needs to be updated. So include the columns you need to updated to the Include section, depending on their type - Numeric or String.

Perhaps you should also pay attention to disable restriction for the number of possible string values (see the screenshot).

However pay attention that having very sparse categorical (string) features might lead to quite poor prediction quality of the model, so perhaps you should consider how you can reduce the diversity of the categorical values you may have.


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