Missing file in Knime Beginner's Luck


I bought the PDF book Beginner's Luck about one year ago but I only now have time to go through it. It started well but then it referred to material to be found in the "Download Zone" . I have been totally unable to find this "Download Zone", or the "data1.txt" that I must use, either in the folders downloaded by Knime during installation, or on the Knime site. There is nothing either in my own "Downloads" folder on C:\. 

Could you please give me a cue as to where I can find the files necessary to pursue my study?

Thanks for your time!



Hi Norm2014,

I think I already sent you the file again.

Can you please confirm?

-- Rosaria


Regarding exercice1 I'm not able to reproduce the result of the shorter flow. I have the following configuration:

read column headers ticked

Short lines ticked,

column delimiter ","

skip the first 5 lines.

I get as headers the last line of the comments:

First column has as header: "to be part of the book KNIME The beginner's luck", the other columns get defalut names: Col1,Col2,Col3 and Col4.

However, if I open the flow on the "Download Zone" and copy the data file on the exact address configured, the file is read as stated on the book.

I'm using Kinme 2.11.2



Hi Rosaria,

I also can not spot the file "data1.txt" in the Download Zone.

Would you please HELP!