Missing includes in Chart configuration when the main source of data changed

I am using a data source for every month. Knime generated a list of variable name according to the data source. Finally these variables using a create a bar chart.
When I change the data source from another month, Bar chart configuration both previous month variables as “MISSING…” and actual months variables like the picture below

Are there any method to eliminate these missing tagged variables automatically.? Otherwise I have to do this manually for every month.

Hello @necdetcilingir ,

When configuring the bar chart, you have the option to specify which columns from your data source should be included in the chart. If you leave this configuration blank, all incoming columns are included for the bar chart.

Switching to a different data source with a new set of variables may display the previous month’s variables as “MISSING…” in the configuration. However, this doesn’t affect the plot generation process. The chart will still be created using the incoming columns from the current data source as long as you do not mention them in the column to be excluded.

To resolve this, you can manually update the column configuration to include the variables from the current data source or leave it blank to include all incoming columns automatically.



I can accept these “MISSING…” indications because it is not affecting the result. Thanks for this valuable information.

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