missing jre?

I just downloaded the new dev release and couldn't find the jre in the usual place. Has it been moved?




Hi Bernd,

We can't confirm the jre is missing: for all four versions, Windows and Linux 32 and 64 bit, the jre is included in the KNIME installation package. For the Mac build a jre is not provided; details are provided here.

Regards, Thomas

I am feeling stupid....

I was used to have a directory called jre in the root for KNIME but this is not there... Where can I find it? 

I downloaded :  eclipse_knime_2.3.0.win32.win32.x86.exe

Hi Bernd,

That was a misunderstanding on our end: We were looking into the KNIME desktop product whereas you were using the SDK.

And yes, the JRE is missing in the SDK version. We will look into it.

  (the other) Bernd

PS: I guess you know that you can easily workaround it by simply copying the jre folder from an extracted desktop archive; or simply install a full JDK (which has the additional advantage that you can see the Java source code!)