Missing nodes and settings after workflow reload

Hi all,

I encountered a rather strange phenomenom and wonder whether somebody else has seen something similiar.

I created a rather big workflow and made several backups (exports). When I opened the workflow again in the workflow browser (I didn’t import it) yesterday, after I haven’t looked at it for a while, there were nodes simply missing and others reset to defaul configuration. It took me quite a while to reconfigure everything and get it back to work.

Has anybody experienced something similar?

We are using Knime behind a company firewall and therefore don’t do KNIME updates using the automatic update manager but rather via zip files. Therefore I think the problem is not connected to an update of the knime platform.

Could it be possible that the temp files from the workflow somewhere on my local drive were affected or deleted?

happy for any guesses



Hi @And_Z,

did your KNIME version change in the meanwhile (e.g. due to a reinstallation of KNIME or update)? Which nodes are missing in particular? Sometimes it helps if you put -clean in you knime.ini to force KNIME to reconfigure it’s plugins.



Hey Christian

I didn’t update or change my local knime version at all and like I mentioned we can only do updates via the zip archives.
The affected nodes were mostly GET Request and XPATHs nodes. The GETs were completely set back to default config and for the XPATHs many paths were missing or gone.

We had an windows update recently , could that affect knime somehow?

as for the -clean knime.ini is that supposed to be done every now and then or only when errors occur?


Actually this shouldn’t influence your installation.

Usually you don’t have to, but in this case it might help. Did you try already?

ok that’s good to know. referring to this, knime saves files in the user/application data/local/temp folder (or somehwhere close :smiley: ).what exactly are those data and how will deleting them affect the current running local workflows? I’m asking since I realized that this also takes quite some space on the harddrive…

i haven’t no. I’ll do that soon though to test, whether this will help.

are there any other ideas what might be the case for this?

best andreas

There are two types of data KNIME creates when executing a workflow (if you not explicitly modeled otherwise, e.g. by adding “writer nodes” to your workflow:

  • Temporary data: used e.g. to swap data out of memory when memory gets full, create intermediate files when communicating with python, intermediate data tables etc.This data is deleted again after you close KNIME if it’s not required anymore. Usually those temporary files are stored in a tmp folder which you can set in the KNIME preferences.
  • Intermediate results of nodes: If you execute a node, the output table is saved with the workflow if you save the workflow in the executed state. Then the table is copied from the tmp directory over to your workspace location.

Does that help?



It does help, cheers!

regarding my initial problem. we still couldn’t figure out what the problem was and instead simply fixed the workflows and hope it won’t happen again.