Missing nodes in Community Extension in KNIME 4.6


my Extension works fine with Knime 4.5. If I try to install it with Knime version 4.6(.4), the installation works fine, BUT the node repository view shows only some of the nodes in my extension. When I import and open a workflow containing some of my nodes which are not showing up in the repository view I get an error message:

Errors during load due to missing node extensions (Shapefile Reader, Geocoding, Tracing View). Do you want to search and install the required extensions?

and the nodes are declared as ‘MISSING’ in the workflow editor.

Why are my nodes missing in 4.6 but not in 4.5?
How can I track the problem?

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I guess that’s a question for @gab1one :slight_smile:

Hi @ruekni,

Likely these nodes have trouble getting loaded due to some error, can you take a look in your console log and see if there are any error messages related to your nodes?


Thank you for the reply, BUT the console log was showing nothing. The solution was to look at the file .metadata/.log within the KNIME workspace. There was the problem listed.

Hi @ruekni,

By default, the console log is not showing all messages, only warnings and errors. You can change this by modifying this setting in the preferences:


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