Missing Nodes in Numeric Distances Workflow

I am just starting to use KNIME.  I have installed the Numeric Distances Workflow and tried to start working through it but I cannot even start because I get an error message stating the "Workflow contains missing nodes - Errors during load due to missing nodes (Single Selection Input QuickForm).  Do you want to search and install the required extensions?"

When I click "Yes", another error pops up stating "No suitable extensions found - Could not find any extension(s) that provides the missing node(s)"

I am looking for suggestions on what to try next.

Hello C Sharp,

To which workflow are you referring to? Could you please provide the path to the EXAMPLES Server?

Which version of KNIME Analytics Platform are you using? Could you please share the log file (<knime-workspace>\.metadata\knime\knime.log)?

Thank you,