Missing Nodes

I opened up Knime and completed a software update and Excel Writer and all other related nodes disappeared. I’ve tried to pull down a workflow and the node itself from both Knime.com and nodepit and neither resolved the issue. I added -clean to the ini and ran that, but that didn’t resolve anything. The logs are a bit cryptic.

It’s unclear what is happening here.

The xml file is accessible.

Can’t seem to drop a url:

The logs indicate the following:

Unable to load node with ID suffix 137 into workflow, skipping it: Node “Excel Writer” not available from extension “KNIME Excel Support” (provided by “KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland”; plugin “org.knime.ext.poi3” is not installed)

Does anyone know why Excel Writer would have been uninstalled? I went to open a flow after updating KNIME and now I’m getting start-up warning for OpenMS Requirements. It provides a link to a resource that basically times out, so it’s not clear what’s happening. I can’t find any other nodes like it, which is surprising, except for the cvs writer.


Hi @kevinnay -

I combined your two threads since they seemed to both be about the same issue.

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here, but I would try a clean install of KNIME in a new directory, with a new workspace, without any extensions. Then install OpenMS separately to see if there is a related collision.

The inability to connect to Nodepit seems like a certificates issue, and is (probably) separate. You can search for “PKIX” here in the forum about that one, it comes up fairly often.

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