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Hey everyone,

I´m trying to use the Interactive Value Filter Widget in my workflow. As input I have a table with arround 18k rows. What I wanted to do is to use the values from one of the columns to filter the rows with this containing this specific value. I have around 60 different values to choose from.

The problem: When I select the appropriate column (Column Values) there are no options shown that I can include or exclude (see picture below):

Is the number of values to high? If so, is there another node that could help me out with that?

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Since you haven’t shared the workflow or given any other details on what you’ve done upstream of this node, we can’t really tell what’s going on.

My guess is that you haven’t given the node what it needs.

The node description says:

Note that the filter uses the possible values set on a nominal column’s domain as configuration. To ensure the values are reflected and sorted correctly the Domain Calculator and/or Edit Nominal Domain nodes can be used beforehand.

Have you done this?

Hey elsamuel,

thanks for answering! unfortunately I can´t share the workflow because of sensetive data. Yet I didn´t know that the Domain Calculator oder Edit Nominal Domain node was necessary. I found out that I don´t really need these nodes, I only have to be aware that there are not more than 59 values to choose from. Did a little try&error session and figuered that out.

Thats how the last part of the workflow looks like:


There´s another quetsion that came up when I tried to configure the Histogram node. It says that "no column is in spec compatible to “DoubleValue” ". How do I get the DoubleValue? Do I need other Java-nodes in preparation of the Histogram?


It says that "no column is in spec compatible to “DoubleValue” ".

A histogram can only plot numbers. I would expect this error if one tried to supply the Histogram node with only string columns. Since you aren’t sharing any data I don’t know if this is the issue in your specific case.

You’ll need to ensure that any data you want to plot in a histogram is in a numerical format. How you do this conversion depends on what the data is. If it is indeed a string then it could be as simple as using a String to Number node.

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Turned put that the value counter worked in that case as well. Did´nt expect it that easy.
Thanks for your support @elsamuel !

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