Missing some Standard connectivity known from Alteryx

Dear community,
I am an Alteryx user for roughly 10 months now and want to explore the opportunities Knime can provide me.
I am working in Finance and have a set of standard file formats to process. Unfortunately things seem to be highly complicated in Knime at first sight. I hope you can make my fears fade away :). I am not a coder but more a business user.

My common file formats to read/write back to are:

  • xlsm / xlsb files (ideally with the opportunity to select ranges)

  • hyper-Extracts (read/process certified Tableau Sources)

  • xlsx (Knime standard -->fine)

  • to tableau Server(Knime standard -->fine)

  • from Hana (Knime standard -->fine)

Thank you very much in advance and best regards,


Hi @CEbersbach,
welcome to the KNIME Forum! I am happy to hear that you are giving KNIME a chance to show how cool it is :wink: Regarding XLSM and XLSB: I think our Excel Reader (XLS) should be able to read XLSM files. XLSB is a bit more complicated and requires Python. There is an example workflow on the hub, though: https://kni.me/w/zlTBIedGQxtPg7je. Maybe that helps in that regard.

I don’t know if it is possible to read Hyper extract files in KNIME, a quick search does not turn up anything and so far I have unfortunately never seen it. I am not a Tableau user myself, but I wonder: could you export the extracts in a different format?
If you have any other questions during your KNIME discovery, please let me know, I am happy to help!
Kind regards,


Hi Alexander,
thanks for the quick reply. I tried to load an xlsm file but unfortunately these were not listed as file types (just *.xls and *.xlsx).

Hyper is the only format the data can be extracted, as far as I know it by default. Potentially it is possible to generate a csv in a small workaround, so that could work out somehow.

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Alex

Similarly coming from many year of Alteryx use and went though many a spoilt princess moment as i familiarised myself with Knime.

The vernacular can be a bit confusing, but once you adjust it becomes second nature just like in Alteryx.
If you ever need any assistance with the adjustment feel free to dm me.

The hyper file was not possible in Alteryx until 2019.4 with the introduction of the Hyper API from Tableau.

As yet i don’t think there is an equivalent in Knime, however that does not mean it is not possible. *Any community extension writers fancy a pop? :smiley:

haven’t worked with xlsm /b files so afraid i can’t comment on those.

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Hi @CEbersbach,
Regarding xslm: could you try to just enter the file path in the text field without using the Browse button? If that works, I can open an internal ticket for our developers to add xslm to the allowed extensions.
Kind regards,


Often if you cannot find a genuine import node for a data format you could use R or Python to do the job which integrate into KNIME.

Concerning Tableau and hyper-Extracts there seem to be at least two promising packages that should be able to deal with the format. This is one nice thing about KNIME. It is open for connections. And even if you are not a coder. Most of the time a few lines will do the trick - if you make yourself a few working examples you could adapt them later.

R - RTableau

Python - pandleau


Hi @AlexanderFillbrunn
xlsm has worked when I just placed the URL to the file/started browsing from all files.

Thank you for your help!

BR Christoph

Hi there @CEbersbach,

glad you managed to got it to work. Additionally here is link to guide “From Alteryx to KNIME” that you might find useful: https://www.knime.com/knimepress/download-from-alteryx-to-knime

Welcome to KNIME Community!



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Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that we added the .xlsm extension to the browsing in the new Excel Reader in version 4.3. Thanks for the feedback!