Missing Value Fill dependent on Value in another Column

Hi everyone,
I have a spreadsheet of JIRA data that has a column [Milestone ID] with incomplete tags.

I would like to auto fill ID’s based on the ID above where it is appropriate to do so. I am aware of the Missing Value Node, which would work except that the auto fill would incorrectly continue to the next Project level row - which would be inaccurate. I would like to essentially execute the autofill only on rows that have a Task Type of Activity / Task. I think probably there’s a way to do this with Rule Engine, but I’m not there yet. Does anyone have advice here?

I came up with a solution here although I am certain it’s not the most efficient/elegant one.

I used Rule Engine to create a label column for the TaskType of Project
I then merged those labels into the Milestone ID column for those Project Rows
I then used Missing Value to pull the previous value of Milestone ID where missing.

This is effective in labeling the activity/task ID with the parent’s ID. If anyone has a better way to do this, please feel free to comment. Thank you!

Hi @matthewthompson , and welcome to the Knime Community.

It’s always better to share the same data that we can import or copy/paste to work with, and it’s better to show what the input data would look like, and what the expected output would be.

In your example, you showed only a very small part of the input data, and the results that you showed was for a bigger sample.

Nevertheless, you could do a Missing Value on the Milestone ID (replace missisng values by previous value), which will, of course, also fill the lines where you have “Project”, which you can then correct with the Rule Engine.

$Task Type$ = "Project" => $Task Type$
TRUE => $Milestone ID$

And you would Replace the column “Milestone ID” with this result.

You would not need the Column Merger in that case.


Hi @bruno29a ,
Thanks for the solution and for the tip on etiquette. I appreciate the knowledge.


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