Missing value node does not replace ? sign

If memory serves me well at a certain point in time there were two file reader nodes - one of first KNIME nodes ever created, File Reader, which over years got many features including one I was probably mentioning in linked post and new, faster and simplified node for reading data into KNIME called Simple File Reader. Then somewhere along the process of introducing new file handling framework this was changed in a way that Simple File Reader became File Reader and File Reader became File Reader (Complex Format). So comparing File Reader from couple of years ago and now you are actually not comparing same node.



Thanks @ipazin, I knew you’d have the answer! :slight_smile:

Yes I realised that the File Reader referenced in that previous post was now the “deprecated” one, but what I hadn’t spotted was the File Reader (Complex Format) which replaced the advanced features, and does indeed retain the ability to specify “missing values” patterns.


This then is actually the answer to @clos 's original problem… replace the CSV Reader with File Reader (Complex Format), and set the “Missing Pattern Value” to ?

Learn something new every day! :slight_smile:


This is fixed now. Folks should be able to upload CSVs (and PDFs as well).

Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks @ScottF

Of course I had to test! :slight_smile:
testfile.csv (49 Bytes)
testfile.pdf (74.8 KB)

Hi @ipazin. Interesting to know that. Thanks

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Hi @takbb you are rigth. Thank for test that node (complex format).

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