"Missing Value" node not available

This seems to be a duplicate of this post. But it has been closed. The -clean flag seemed to solve it once but the error now also pops up after using the flag in the ini file. This currently only happens with the “Missing Value” node.

ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable            Errors during load: Status: DataLoadError: Segmentation Only 0 loaded with error during data load
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable              Status: DataLoadError: Segmentation Only 0
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable                Status: Error: Node "Missing Value" not available from extension "KNIME Core" (provided by "KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland"; plugin "org.knime.base" is installed)
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable                Status: DataLoadError: MISSING Missing Value 0:278
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable                  Status: DataLoadError: Unable to load port content for node "MISSING Missing Value": Invalid outport index in settings: 2

It might be possible that I just found the solution myself:

  1. Close all open views of the workflow
  2. Reopen the workflow

The Missing Value node seems to get fixed by this.

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This does happen occasionally across different projects and workflows, but only for the “Missing Value” node. I wonder whether it has something to do with the firewall? I mean, KNIME shouldn’t look outside for this node as it is installed in the core package. I just saw some unknown host exception, but most likely related to the welcome page.
I attached a log of today’s start of the whole application, after which the error occurred again. The issue starts at line 805 of the log.
Maybe this helps fixing the issue.KNIME-log.txt (361.4 KB)

Hi @dobo -

Thanks for posting about this, and for including the relevant bits of the KNIME log. This is a strange error for sure. Just to confirm, you are running 3.7.2 on Windows, correct? And the problem is intermittent, and not consistently reproducible?

I’ll run this by the developers and see what I can find out. (It may be a few days since they are in crunch mode for the new release.)

EDIT: Yet another update. This has been fixed in KNIME 4.0. :slight_smile:


Great! I am really glad I was able to help. And awesome how fast you were in solving this!

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