Missing Value PMML node produces an pmmlValidator error in PMML Writer node

Hello guys, 

I have a simple flow that includes the following nodes: Missing Value, Decision Tree Learner and PMML Writer. Execution of the PMML Writer node fails with the following error:

"ERROR PMMLValidator                   <DerivedField dataType="integer" name="bin_variable1_[...]: Expected attribute: optype in element DerivedField"

I have attached an image of the knime workflow.

I will appreciate any help or suggestions.



Hello Bart,

I have a different workflow but the same problem as you. It is definitely the missing value node which makes problems but I couldn't find a solution yet. 

Can anybody provide a solution?




Hello again,

I have downloaded Knime version 3.0.1 and can now use the missing value node with PMML. The same workflow in Knime version 2.x doesn´t work. Picute 1 shows my training and picute 2 my deployment. I still have a problem with the JPMML classifier (as you can see in picute 2)...any solutions or ideas?

I've attached both workflows.




Thanks Skeitel. I will test my workflow in 3.0 and see what happens.