Missing values shown as zero in JavaScript scatter plots

Dear KNIME Labs Developer,

while producing a bunch of scatter plots using the KNIME Labs JavaScript extension I found a number of unexpected points with y coordinate values zero. I figured out that these points origin from missing values in the particular column.

For testing I set up an additional domain calculater node prior to the JavaScript scatter plot node and enabled the checkbox to use domain information in the node's settings but the missing values are still present as points in the diagram.

Is this the intended behavior? - I would not expect missing values being shown in the diagram at all and in my case they are mixed up with data points which really have a y value of zero.


Best regards


Hi Tobas,

I totally agree with you. Missing != 0, so I would expect the value to be simply "skipped" by the visualization node and not displayed in the origin like it does now.

I had a similar case some time ago and I had to revert to using an R view node with ggplot2. That worked as expected.


Hi Everyone,

we already have this on our feature list.

About a workaround. You could use the Missing Value node filtering those beforehand. But I am fully aware this is  not the solution for everything. The Jfreechart nodes can handle missings.... Would this help for now?

Best wishes, Iris