Missing values

Hi all,
I have another quick question, my data table has missing values which i want to replace with an 0. How do i go about this?

Whenever I’m trying to find a node, I like to google “KNIME Hub + whatever the node is supposed to do”. “NodePit + whatever the node is supposed to do” also works great.
Both the Hub and NodePit have detailed node descriptions, but it’s the combination with a Google search that makes finding unknown nodes quick and easy.

For your instance, the first result is the Missing Value node:


. so i basically want to specify to knime that whenever, there is a missing value, then replace it when an 0. more like an if statement

Hi @michael_o , if you really had missing values, then the Missing Value node suggested by @Thyme would work.

Based on your screenshot, you do not seem to have any missing value at all.

use the missing node, and the fix value section, and write 0

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