MMP Molecule Fragment node output SVG cells and system locale

I noticed the MMP Molecule Fragment node does not generate correct SVG cells in “Fragmentation depiction” output column when system locale is set to Italian (with comma as decimal separator for numbers).instead of english.

This zip file (1.3 KB) contains an xml file with a wrong generated svg: please note the “rx” attribute of first “ellipse” element.

Windows 7 x64, knime 3.5.2, Vernalis plugin version 1.12.7.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I think that I have tracked down the source of this (and the solution to it). I am hoping to include it in release version 1.12.8, which I hope to get out later today. I will post again when I have done so.



We believe this is now fixed in both the nightly build and the 3.5 stable build, which have both been updated to version 1.12.8. Please could you let us know if this has fixed the issue for you?



Yes, I can confirm that with the 1.12.8 version the SVG xml is fixed and cells are displayed correctly.

Thank you for the prompt fix!

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Thanks for confirming that - that’s great!


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