Model's overwritting one another in model factory

I am testing out the model factory.  I have been modifying the templates from this location: knime://EXAMPLES/50_Applications/26_Model_Process_Management/Process/_Process_Step_Templates/workflows/Templates.  I have mostly just been modifying the custom section of the templates but in the 04_Learn template I had to switch out the table writer node with the pmml writer node. 

I am running a decision tree and a svm on the iris dataset.  They are using the same init, load, transform, and evaluate steps.    The learn and score steps are different.  When I run them at the same time (using the model factory), the 2nd model overwrites the first.  I believe this is happening in the learn workflows as they are different workflows but the same name is being used for both models.  I think it has to do with the FileName_creation node but I'm not sure how to fix it. 

Hi Calli6

when the model is written it gets saved with a unique timestamp (based on miliseconds) Did you change this maybe?

How are the files named which contain your models?

Best regards, Iris 


I was trying to run the Model Process Factory on my local mahine, with my data to understand the whole process better.

From your documentation, the steps I need to do are as follows. 

1.  Configure the Table in Edit Tables Locally to point to the location where my xls files reside.  Correct?  I suppose i can use and xls file.  But after configuration, I see the execute button greyed out.  Does it mean that it does not accept ls file.  How else to modify the configuration of the table reader in Edit_Tables_locally.

Would appreciate if you could share some documentation as to how to make the beginnning, in terms of creating the evaluation table, modelling configuration table, the models table as well as the process definition table.

Thanks and regards