Modern UI: One-minute improvement -- quick switch to classic UI

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I know we can do this by clicking ‘i’ in the top right corner of the modern UI and selecting ‘Switch to classic user interface’.

I think we can also have a quick toggle button like the top right corner of the classic UI.


I understand that users should be encouraged to use modern UI, but I believe that as long as there is a better modern UI, users will use it naturally, and it is important to switch seamlessly between the two interfaces when the modern UI is not fully mature (as mature as the classic UI).

For my current situation, I’m trying to integrate modern UI, but I still need to switch back to the classic UI for features like console, etc.

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I would probably be more likely to test the modern UI more often if it were a quick toggle back as well.

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This is such a minor detail that Knime developers’ time would be much better spent making more important improvements.

As I said in the title, this is a one-minute improvement. Just like add a <a> link in html :smiley:

Btw, we may have different views on important improvements :beers: :beers: :beers:

I strongly agree. I also want to try more in Modern UI.

@HaveF , I agree with you. Never underestimate the impact of very minor improvements!

And there is an opposite effect - the psychologic effect of very minor backward steps!

What you have described is exactly what was there on the Modern UI preview in KNIME 4.7.

Changing that button for a different link that now takes us to the “resources” screen, and then requires us to scroll down to find the “Switch to Classic UI” button is in my view an unfortunate design decision.

As @rfeigel notes, there are a number of areas where important (and very necessary) features are missing from Modern UI and so clearly these need some priority, but those missing features are currently only available in Classic, so rather than making it ever-so-slightly more difficult to switch to Classic, by requiring a click, a scroll and another click, the UI should be making it easier for people who need Classic to get there, and I would welcome the button’s return to what in my view is currently its rightful place.

I currently have two versions of KNIME open on my PC…

AP 5.1 showing the classic UI, and AP 4.7.7 showing the Modern UI.

I think I’m in some kind of weird dream… :rofl:


I strongly agree that there should be an easy way back. The list of missing features in the Modern UI ist enormous.

I played around with the Modern UI and I like it very much. Especially the lower pane for the node preview is much better than before. But the minute i tried to do real work with it I had to switch back to the previous one because it lacks so many features that I am using constantly.


In the latest nightly the info page itself is gone, we added the different options as menus to the app header in the top right corner.