ModernUI adding quotes everywhere when copying a JSON cell

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I was wondering about some odd behaviour from the ModernUI regarding JSONs.

I often need to copy/paste the content of JSON cells into a more dedicated text editor (in my case VS Code) in order to be able to read it more conviently before working with it in KNIME (or when looking for the source of errors in my paths).

It works perfectly well in the EclipseUI but not really in the Modern one as it adds strings quotation marks unnecessarily, for example :

  ""description"" : null,
  ""package_number"" : 3,
  ""gross_weight"" : 645.0,
  ""volume"" : 2.716

Copy/pasting with the old UI gives something more workable:

    "products" : {
      "description" : "2174573: METAL RACK POWDER COATED FINISH- 4 TIERS",
      "package_number" : 14,
      "gross_weight" : 11290,
      "volume" : 28

So it’s really not critical, but having to switch the the classic interface to find a cell to copy, and then back to the new one (which I do really enjoy), is a bit of a pain.

Is it a bug or an intended behaviour?

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Let’s say it is an intended bug :wink: Currently, this is the behaviour due to technical reasons, but we are aware of it and want to change it. The internal ticket number is UIEXT-1468. You’ll find this referenced in the change log when we fix it. I have asked our developers to expedite the implementation, as I think it is an important thing to work right.
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