"Modify Time Zone" Node - does it include Daylight Savings Time?

Hi all,

I have to convert a data export which uses UTC time to the local (Berlin) time format. The node works perfect already, but I’m not sure if it respects Daylight Savings Time.

I.e: between end of March and end of October, Berlin time is +2
With current data I’m observing +2. Unfortunately I don’t have any data prior to April or later than October to check against.

As we’re processing payment data with tax purpos, I have to be exact with this one.

Thanks for your feedback!

All the best

Hi there @Docberky,

welcome to KNIME Community Forum!

You are fine on this one and can safely use KNIME for processing your payment data. Here is workflw example that showcases it. Check it out and you will see that between end of October and end of March there is only +1 to Berlin’s time :wink:



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